Mediterranean delights brought to you by 2 brothers from the North Shore of Galilee. Secret spices enhance these fresh and healthy dishes.

"We use only the freshest ingredients. The foundation for what we make includes fresh vegetables, salads, lemon, olive oil, and we grill or charbroil all of our meats. All of our desserts and Baklava are made fresh with pistachios"

The price range for all our menu is very affordable. And don't forget to try our Bakalava! We offer fine wines by the glass or by the bottle, Import Beers and Microbrews.

Each location has its own unique selections.

Menu for Downtown location

~ Soup and Salad ~

Served with pocket pita bread
Price range: $3.75 to $12.99

Soup & Salad - Tabouli or Mediterranean with a cup of soup

Lentil Soup - Cup of soup. Add $1 for a bowl

Tabouli Salad - Tossed fresh parsley, green onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, bulgar wheat topped with olive oil and lemon

Greek Salad - Romaine hearts lettuce with tomatoes, cucumbers, lemon, olive oil and garlic. Topped with feta cheese and calamata olives. Add $2 for chicken.

Mediterranean Salad - Tossed tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, parsley, topped with olive oil and lemon.

Mazza Platter (vegetarian) - Hummus, tabouli, falafel, Mediterranean salad, Turkish salad, tahini, and more... Add $7 for family size.

Jerusalem Mazza Platter - Mazza Platter with your choice of shish kabob or kofta kabob over rice.
Add $10 for family size.

~ Starters ~

Price range: $2.99 to $5.00

Labeneh - Yogurt dip with onion & cucumber







Grape Leaves - Stuffed with seasoned rice, 5pcs... vegetarian

~ Sandwiches ~

Served in pocket pita bread stuffed with hummus, tahini, tabouli, Turkish salad, and red and green pickled cabbage
Price range: $3.99 to $5.99

Hummus Sandwich

Babaghanooj Sandwich

Falafel Sandwich

Kofta Kabob Sandwich

Chicken on Fire Sandwich

Shawarma Sandwich - Chicken. Add $1 for pork, beef, or lamb.

~ Light Meals ~

Served with selected appetizers and pocket pita bread
Price range: $6.99 to $8.99

Hummus (Dip) - Ground garbanzo beans mixed with tahini, garlic, lemon topped with parsley and olive oil.

Falafel - Ground garbanzo beans, potatoes, garlic, parsley, onions, spices, fried and served with tabouli and tahini.

Babaghanooj (Dip) - Smoked and roasted eggplant mixed with tahini, garlic, lemon, topped with olive oil and parsley.

~ Lunch and Dinner ~

All meals include selected appetizers, pocket pita bread, rice, tabouli and Mediterranean salad.
Extra charge will be applied for second set of appetizer.
Price range: $9.99 to $16.99

Shish Kabob - Your choice of specially seasoned meat
Chicken, add $1 for pork, add $2 for beef or lamb.

Kofta Kabob - Mix of ground lamb and beef with onion, parsley and our special seasoning

Jerusalem Special - Chicken and pork with chopped onions and bell pepper with our special seasoning

Chicken on Fire - Boneless-skinless seasoned chicken

Shish Tawouk - Pieces of chicken served on grilled pita bread smothered with sautéed onions and mushroom sauce.

Garlic Chicken - Boneless skinless chicken grilled with lemon garlic sauce

Saniha - Mix of ground lamb and beef with onions, parsley, and our special seasonings cooked with tahini (sesame) sauce.

Shawarma - Your choice of specially roasted meat with shawarma seasoning
Chicken, add $1 for pork, add $2 for beef or lamb

Hummus Bel-Laham - Hummus topped with your choice of specially seasoned meat
Chicken, pork, add $1 for beef or lamb

Jerusalem Fish Special - Grilled fish topped with lemon garlic sauce

Shrimp Kabobs - Two kabobs grilled with special seasoning topped with garlic and lemon.

Sautéed Shrimp - Sautéed with onions, bell peppers, fresh tomatoes topped with garlic and lemon juice.

~ Beverages ~

Price range: $1.99 to $5.99

Cold Drinks - Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Dr. Pepper, Iced tea, Lemonade (non refillable)

Juice - Mango or Guava by the glass (non refillable)

Hot Drinks - Jerusalem Hot Tea, Turkish coffee (non refillable), American coffee

Wines by the glass

Red Wines - Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, International & domestic
Bottles available - ask for details

White Wines - Chardonnay, White Reisling, White Zinfandel, International and domestic
Bottles available - ask for details

Israel Wine


Beer - Bridgeport IPA, Heineken, Black Butte Porter, Widmer Hefeweizen, Widmer Drop Top Amber Ale, Corona, Fat Tire

Coors Light & Budweiser

Lebanese Beer

~ Desserts ~

Price range: $2.50


Updated November 20th