Eat, Have Fun & Learn at Jerusalem Cafe

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Eat, Have Fun & Learn at Jerusalem Cafe

Eastern Mediterranean cuisine prepared with the freshest meats & vegetables.

Having lunch or dinner at the Jerusalem Cafe in Vancouver is more than an extraordinary meal. It's a history lesson, a place talk, to share thoughts and to completely unwind. It's a place where people know you and want to hear what you have to say.

Proprietors Fadul and Anton Farran, brothers who emigrated from Israel in recent years, have a profound joy preparing fine food for the people of Clark County.

The adventure begins with freshly prepared Mazza, which is an appetizer that consists of two kinds of marinated (with olive oil & lemon) cabbage, steamed vegetables mixed with homemade mayonnaise, and Turkish salad. It's served with pita bread and comes with every meal.

In fact, people love it so much they come in and just want to eat the appetizer alone, without a meal. It really is scrumptious!

For lunch I had the Kofta Kabob "Charbroiled," which is a mix of ground lamb and beef with onion, parsley and special seasonings. It just melts in your mouth!

"We use only the freshest ingredients," said Fadul. "The foundation for what we make includes fresh vegetables, salads, lemon, olive oil, and we grill or charbroil all of our meats."

Many patrons come in for the vegetable offerings, which are popular, but so are the grilled or charbroiled selections.

The Shish Kabob "Charbroiled" comes in four offerings - chicken, beef, pork, and lamb. They're all wonderful.

The Garlic Chicken is also to die for. Its main seasonings are lemon, garlic, olive oil, nutmeg, cumin, which are all used in varying quantities.

Or you can try the Jerusalem Special "Grilled", which is a chicken/pork mixture with chopped onion, bell pepper and special seasonings.

Every meal is served with rice, tabouli or a Mediterranean salad. They also have a lentil soup that has a little pizzazz and a lot of taste. It's clear that a lot of care goes into the preparation of each plate.

Each bite is so refreshing and lightens up your body. The food makes you fel good. Really.

The restaurant is impeccably clean and has a very relaxing, casual ambiance and flow. People are friendly and the owners take great care to make you feel comfortable and satisfied. They talk to their patrons and ask for their feedback.

The next time you take time out for lunch or dinner, try Jerusalem Cafe.

You'll be glad you did.


The Jerusalem Cafe is an excellent place to eat and enjoy the culture and atmosphere of the East Mediterranean.

Located at 516 SE Chkalov Dr. Ste 45, in Vancouver, close to Fred Meyer.

Their number is 360.891.1490