The Farran family immigrated to the United States from Northern Israel in 1996. Their eldest son, Fadul, had been living in Portland since 1989, and was going to graduate from Portland State University. Since Fadul had become a US citizen, the family was able to join him in the States easily. Due to their unstable future in the Middle East, their purpose was to establish a source of living elsewhere.

In November 1996, the Farrans opened the first Jerusalem Café in downtown Vancouver. At the beginning, business was slow and they were unsure how the restaurant would unfold for them. By the time 18 months had gone by, their restaurant had given them a sense of security and comfort. The hospitality of people and officials in the city of Vancouver made the transition for the Farrans very pleasant. The great source of comfort and friendship meant a whole lot to them.

In 1998, Fadul was joined by his two brothers at the restaurant.. Aiman was graduating from Portland State as well, and Anton came from Israel. For the next four years, the Farran family worked together at the downtown restaurant. The family was growing: Fadul and Anton each were getting married. It was time to expand.

Early in 2002, Fadul and his family started looking for another location on the eastside of town. By September, the second Jerusalem Café was opened at the Chkalov location. It has been nine months since the opening of the new Jerusalem Café. They appreciate all the support and business from this wonderful community.

Fadul would like to thank the people, the mayor, and all the officials in the city of Vancouver for their great support and hospitality.